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I need help setting up Spotify and Amazon Music in the External program. I am able to download each one  to my computer from the app, but am unable to find the file location to add each one in the External Program. Any assistance as to where the file would be located or assistance about deleting the Spotify and Amazon Music and redownloading to a file that I can find would be greatly appreciated 
01-16-2022 05:46
Spotify is located here, C:\Users\"YOURPCNAME"\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\
Amazon music may also be in there.
01-16-2022 16:55
Thanks, I found the link. Unfortunately, now when I go to Zenpoint and launch the Spotify link I get this message “Please install Spotify using a normal account and not an administrator account” I am running Windows 10 and I am the only user (administrator). Any thoughts on how to solve link problem?
01-16-2022 21:52
did you manage to get spotify working ?
if so how did you do it ?

09-29-2022 01:57
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