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Remote control size

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Is there any way to enlarge use of removing control on iPad or iPhone to full size. It only takes up a small space on screen?
01-17-2022 18:31
It's possible but it won't be supported
Ideally this should be done with someone who knows a little about HTML programming.
Assuming you have installed in the default location navigate to 
C:\Program Files (x86)\ZenPoint\DigitalCenterBackup the folder called WebRoot. I would suggest just Right Click -> Send to Compressed Folder. (zip file).
 Next go to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\ZenPoint\DigitalCenter\WebRoot\CSS
In this folder there is a file called main.css 
If you open this file in an editor ie Notepad, NotePad ++ (I use Code Writer from windows store) you can change the default sizes.

Look for section .content
There are two parameters called width:  and height: . 
If you adjust the Numeric values you can change the size of the web page allowing it to take up more screen space as a test I simply doubled the values. 
I haven't tried it but if you make it too big you might run into issues with the smallest screen resolution.

You will still need to be cautious and stop/start the webpage/app each time you change it.

If you make a mistake simple restore from the backup and start again.

Obviously this is untested and you will need to hope it still functions as expected.

02-15-2022 13:42

I've got a remote that I altered to fit fully for mobiles and tablets etc

Link given on request

Kindest regards
Nigel aka designerappz 

02-26-2022 05:26
Thanks Nigel, can you send me a link
02-26-2022 16:12
That is great Nigel. Can you send me a link? I am also interested thank you.
02-28-2022 14:01
Hello Nigel
can you send me this link.
06-18-2022 06:33
Can I get the link as well for this? 

07-20-2022 21:50
Thanks Nigel 
Any chance of the link please??
10-07-2022 07:13
Hello Nigel hope all is well. Can i get a link as well? Also do you still have any themes available?
10-07-2022 13:00
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