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PSD files?

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Is there any PSD files for the themes so they can be modified?
02-20-2022 18:34
Hello unless you make your own. Would be nice if people would share their custom themes.
02-28-2022 13:54
Here is one theme I made.
02-28-2022 13:55
I just changed the color to a green theme.
02-28-2022 13:57
If you like to make your own and if you share back then I can give you a copy of this theme along with the PSD files I made that relate to each image I modified. Here is my email tecweb1@yahoo.com
02-28-2022 13:58
Very generous offer and I loved the theme.   Thanks
Lead zephyer
03-04-2022 21:46

03-22-2022 15:21
Created another one took me a full day to create.
03-22-2022 15:22

03-22-2022 15:23
That ones cool too.

I try to post a photo of the one I made for my diner and bar in my home.

The PSD files were a huge help. 

Thanks again
Lead Zephyer
03-24-2022 20:50
That is great to hear glad that you able to use them.
03-25-2022 14:52
It could use a tweak but works well.

I'm running ZenPoint on a HP touch all in one.  The press and hold at the coin slot simulates a right mouse click and adds a credit. 

Animated GIFs and the ability to assign sound events would be make it much more customizable.  I may attempt to work around the sound events by assigning them to various key presses in windows, such as a coin drop sound on a right mouse click.

Lead Zephyer
03-27-2022 16:52
Looks great nice theme like the chrome on the edges.
03-28-2022 21:33
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