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Play videos and keep original aspect ratio - can it be done?

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Hi - last question I expect,

I am hoping that someone can help with.

I have multiple music videos with 2 different aspect ratios (4:3 and 16:9).

The 16:9 ones display/play fine but the 4:3 all stretch to fill the screen.

Is there any way to get ZenPoint to play both types in their correct aspect ratios?

This was already asked by someone else on the forum but no response was provided and I don't see an answer in the manual/guide.

Thanks for any assistance.


03-27-2022 19:42
I suspect this is a setting in your graphics card.

Lead zephyer
03-27-2022 23:38
I had noticed this as well and the theory I came to was that the Application was scaling all videos to a fixed format (possibly 1080)
This is noticeable with with older low resolution videos e.g. 70's music videos in 4:3 aspect.

It can also be seen with newer 4K videos that are in a higher resolution/aspect ratio. 
When played these will are also down scaled to a common resolution and if they are in a different aspect ratio they will be clipped to fit the display.

See below how Katy's face is distorted and the colours are a little washed because it appears to have been rescaled.
This would need to be confirmed by the developer but I haven't seen any option in zenpoint that instructs the image to not be rescaled.
 Personally I would prefer to letterbox low res videos in the centre of the screen than to resize and distort.



03-31-2022 14:14
The aspect ratio issue seems to be related to media player which does not handle aspect ratios properly. Re-encoding the videos to have black bars on the left and right sides seems to be the only workable solution. - this is based on research around the web - cannot say that is the 100% solution.
05-31-2022 19:16
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