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New videos do not show in videocenter

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04-22-2022 21:13
I've heard you can get mp4's to work, but I found it easier to use handbrake and convert them to mkv. 
04-30-2022 14:50
04-30-2022 16:03
Off the top of my head without having enough details there are a few things that you can try.
 I am assuming that the files are in the same folder as the other MP4 files.
Lets start with an obvious. I believe the system parses the file (doesn't look at the tags) based on Artists - Track.
Make sure they are named appropriately.

It could be an issue with Codec's (I have had issues with MP4 files for this reason which is why I usually convert them to mkv).

Right click on the file and launch it using "Windows Media Player". 

Zenpoint still uses this in the background to play the files. It's older than MP4 and codec can be fiddly.

 If this still doesn't help try running a tool like MediaInfo to compare the codecs between the files that work and the ones that don't.
You might be able to use a tool like shark007 codecs to add the correct codec's.

If you need to convert them Handbrake does do a good job and is widely used/endorsed.

The is also an error logs in C:\Program Files (x86)\ZenPoint\DigitalCenter\Logs which might help diagnose the issue.  

I won't post the URL's as I have noticed a few spam/scam URL's being posted recently.

In general the tools that I would recommend you have in your toolbox are  
Handbrake (Convert video files )
MediaInfo  (Identify the codecs of a file)
MP3Tag    (Edit the tag in both video files and Audio FIles)

05-01-2022 14:14
05-01-2022 14:42
As best I can tell the music videos are not stored in a database like the audio files. 
The video files should be catalogued the first time you go select the VideoCentre app,
If you go back home and select it again it won't reindex the files until you stop/start the application (which you would have done).

I would suggest that you have a look in the error logs in C:\Program Files (x86)\ZenPoint\DigitalCenter\Logs and see if there are any error messages.

It might simply be that the codec that the MP4 files are encoded with and zenpoint are incompatible.

Also compare the codec's from a file that works with one that doesn't.
05-01-2022 17:22
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